We are proud to offer one of the most unique outdoor backdrops for photography in central Illinois! And we invite you to snap away and take many photographs. Keep the following information in mind:

Guests: While visiting our farm you may be filmed, videotaped or photographed (including aerial footage). Your presence on the farm serves as permission for use of these images for farm-related promotional reasons, including social media.

Family photos: We would love to have you share your family photos with us! #RaderFamilyFarms

Family pets are not allowed on the farm, including for photography sessions.

Photography sessions: Photography sessions require permission from Rader Family Farms. A non-refundable fee must be paid prior to the scheduled photography session. location fee of $75 Wednesday through Sunday must be paid prior to the start of the session during our open season, with a 1.5-hour limit, and with a required agreement signed by the photographer. Sessions are allowed in the Activities area, without disrupting other guests or displays (including all pumpkins), during our hours of operation only (10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday). Please note, it is very busy on our fall weekends, when all of the photo op stations are in demand. You must leave photo session locations as you found them. There are no locations or times during the fall season (September through October) that can be specifically reserved for photographers. Please remember, Rader Family Farms is not a location to host mini-sessions and we reserve the right to end any session if we believe it is interfering with our guests’ enjoyment.

Off-season professional photo sessions require prior reservations with Rader Family Farms along with a location fee.  Please note that off-season usage has limited availability, as most of our displays are not out. Agreements can be signed and location fees paid by making arrangements through Events@RaderFamilyFarms.com  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for Sunflower Photography sessions in August.

Commercial/business: The commercial sale of, or public use of, images taken anywhere on the farm is prohibited without the consent of Rader Family Farms.

Rader Family Farms logo: Copying, reproduction or use of any Rader Family Farms logo image (digital or print) is prohibited without written permission from Rader Family Farms.

To arrange photo sessions or for any related questions, please email Events@Raderfamilyfarms.com.