Office-free zone

Corporate and group events

At Rader Family Farms, we understand the importance of fostering strong bonds within the workplace
and creating opportunities for employees to connect outside of the office. That’s why we offer
customized large group events at our farm, complete with per-person discounts, to ensure that your team
can enjoy a day of fun, relaxation and camaraderie in a picturesque and family-friendly setting.

Participating in our Friends and Family events at Rader Family Farms offers a multitude of benefits for
your employees and your business alike. Here are just a few reasons why you won’t want to miss out:

*Team building: Strengthen interpersonal relationships and boost morale among your employees
through shared experiences and team-building activities such as navigating our challenging corn
maze or enjoying our more than 50 activities for all ages.
*Employee wellness: Encourage a healthy work-life balance by providing your employees with an
opportunity to unwind, recharge and connect with a simpler way of life in our outdoor
*Family involvement: Show appreciation for your employees’ hard work and dedication by
extending the invitation to include their families, fostering a sense of inclusivity and belonging
within your organization.
*Community engagement: Demonstrate your commitment to supporting local businesses and
community initiatives by participating in events hosted by Rader Family Farms, your premier
destination in our community.

Corporate events

Your event can be offered for one weekend day, an entire weekend or even spread out over multiple weekends. You can gift your employees and their families admission to the farm or you can sell your company’s vouchers to your employees at your discounted rate. Your company can also create its own custom ticket vouchers to be handed out to your guests with co-branding logos. Your guests will simply turn in those tickets upon arrival and then you will be invoiced after your event for the number of vouchers redeemed. All season weekends are available for scheduling! Your guests get to enjoy their day with their families hassle-free and focus on spending time with each other. Farm season pass holders do not need to purchase an additional ticket for your company outing.

Rates for businesses

Weekday admission prices (Wednesday through Friday)

  • For 26-50 guests/vouchers
  • $2 off each farm admission — only $16.95/person
  • For 51-99 guests/vouchers
  • $3 off each farm admission — only $15.95/person
  • For 100+ guests/vouchers
  • $4 off each farm admission — only $14.95/person

Weekend admission prices (Saturday, Sunday and Columbus Day)

  • For 26-50 guests/vouchers
  • $2 off each farm admission — only $18.95/person
  • For 51-99 guests/vouchers
  • $3 off each farm admission — only $17.95/person
  • For 100+ guests/vouchers
  • $4 off each farm admission — only $16.95/person

Additional add-ons:

Meals are a great way to show appreciation to your staff and their families during your corporate event. Contact for additional information and pricing.

Scheduling your event

Once you have chosen your…

  • Admission package
  • Meal options (if desired)
  • Potential event dates

And you have reviewed our farm safety guidelines.