Opening Day

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Opening day is only months away

Three weeks ago in mid April we had snow on the ground here at the farm.  And corn needs soil temperatures in the 50s to support germination, so it was feeling like a late start to the planting season.  It's now early May, the soil temps have come up and the Rader men are working days and nights to get the corn and beans in the field.

We know you're thinking "Who cares about corn and beans, what about pumpkins?".  Because we want to make our beautiful pumpkins available to you throughout the fall season, we typically stagger our pumpkin planting through the first couple weeks in June.  Most of our pumpkins have a 90-100 day maturity, so when everything goes right they are ready for harvest when you arrive.

Friends of the Farm

Wilson Seed - Dupont Pioneer
Becks Hybrids
Dekalb Seed Corn
Birkeys Farm Store
Bellas Landscaping
Martin Sullivan
Heartland Bank and Trust
Hudson Grain Company
Tobins Pizza
Midwest Precision Technologies
Evergreen FS
First Farmers State Bank
First Fruits 4 Youth