Opening Day

September 9 Buy Tickets

2017 Opening Weekend is September 9-10

Block off your calendar for the weekend of September 9-10, because we're kicking off another season at Rader Family Farms.  

The Inaugural Farmstead Fair

Rader Family Farms Farmstead Fair ImageRader Family Farms is excited to announce our first annual Farmstead Fair which happens just a few short weeks before we open up this season on August 26-27.  All the vendors participating at this year's fair will be pre-screened by Rader Family Farms representatives to make sure the items you'll have access to will be some of the best finds around.

The farm will be serving delicious, freshly made food throughout the event, including hot off the line homemade pumpkin donuts, the farm's signature, Slop-the-Hog brat sandwiches, pulled pork BBQ, nachos & more.

If you're a shopper, additional details can be found here.  If you're a vendor and think your products might fit in at the Farmstead Fair, go here.

Do pumpkin farmers hibernate?

Winter Retreat - NeverA fair number of our guests assume we hibernate the 10 months a year that the farm isn't open to the public.  While we wish that was the case, the beach house in Barbados (and the Ozarks) will have to wait.  Much of the winter is spent reviewing what went right, what went wrong and then plotting a course for the following year.

Come early the next year while it's still cold outside we start working on indoor building projects, design new activities and repair things that couldn't get fixed during the fall season.

Friends of the Farm

Wilson Seed - Dupont Pioneer
Becks Hybrids
Dekalb Seed Corn
Birkeys Farm Store
John Deere
Bellas Landscaping
Martin Sullivan
Heartland Bank and Trust
Hudson Grain Company
Tobins Pizza
First Fruits 4 Youth
Precision Planting
Evergreen FS