Live generously

We value our customers and their interest in supporting charitable causes. Rader Family Farms would love to help every organization and we make every effort to support as many as we can.  We may consider donation requests from registered nonprofit organizations, schools, or community groups that align with our values and focus areas. We primarily offer in-kind donations and our standard donation is a gift certificate for activity admissions to Rader Family Farms during our current year fall season.

Donation requests must be submitted in writing using our donation request form. Donation requests should include detailed information about the organization and the purpose of the donation. We ask that requests be submitted at least six weeks prior to the event or fundraising deadline.

Due to the high volume of requests, we may not be able to fulfill every donation request, and preference may be given to organizations with which we have established partnerships or connections.  Rader Family Farms, LLC, reserves the right to limit donations made to a single organization.

We will communicate our decision regarding donation requests, pick-up or delivery of your donation in a timely manner.

This donation policy may be revised or updated as needed. Changes will be communicated on our website.

Donation request form
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