Play it safe

At Rader Family Farms, your safety is our top priority. As stewards of this land and hosts to our guests, we take great pride in ensuring that every visit to our farm is not only enjoyable but also safe for everyone.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll notice our commitment to safety. Our equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to the highest standards, ensuring that you can enjoy our activities with peace of mind. Whether you’re navigating our corn maze or riding on our pedal carts, rest assured that your safety is our utmost concern.

But safety goes beyond equipment; it’s about creating a culture of awareness and responsibility. Our staff members are trained to prioritize safety in all interactions with our guests, from guiding you through our activities to providing assistance when needed. We encourage all visitors to follow our safety guidelines and to speak up if they have any concerns during their visit.

As a family farm, we understand the importance of watching out for one another. Whether you’re exploring our pumpkin patch or enjoying a hot cider by the fire, we ask that you look out for your fellow guests and report any safety hazards to our staff.

Together, we can ensure that every visit to Rader Family Farms is not only fun and memorable but also safe for everyone.

Guest safety

Rader Family Farms, LLC, is not responsible for personal accidents that occur on the farm property. By entering onto the farm property, you are assuming liability and responsibility for the safety of yourself and those accompanying you, including minors. It is also assumed that those entering onto the property are carriers of their own health insurance policies.

Age policy: Anyone 14 and younger must be accompanied by a paying adult (age 18 years+) to enter the Activity/Maze area. Although our activities area is staffed, parental supervision is expected. Your safety is important to us, and we are sure you will have fun playing alongside your children!

Pets: Pets are not allowed onto the farm for the safety of other guests and farm animals on the property. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals with disabilities are entitled to the use of service animals. This does NOT include support/companion animals, animals in strollers, or animals being carried. Animals and companion animals are not considered service animals under the ADA. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Farm animals: Although we are excited for you to meet our farm animals, our farm is not a petting zoo. Farm animals are generally friendly but are unpredictable and may bite. We ask that children and adults not reach over or through our animal fences. Hand-sanitizing stations and hand-washing sinks are available in the animal areas and we recommend washing hands after visiting the animals.

Smoking: For the safety of everyone, smoking (including e-cigarettes and vaping) is prohibited throughout the farm.

Food: Outside food is prohibited, including for special events, corporate events and birthdays, unless otherwise approved by Rader Family Farms. Scheduled field trips may bring sack lunches.

Allergies: Please be aware of the possibility of farm animal, hay/straw, corn and other environmental-related allergy exposures while on the farm. More information is available about food ingredients at each venue upon request. Please see first aid below.

First aid: Limited basic assistance is offered as a convenience to our guests while on the farm. It is not intended to replace professional medical care. Guests are advised to carry personal medical devices such as inhalers and epi-pens as needed, as there may be environmental triggers on the farm. These devices are not available from first aid. Incidents will be documented on an incident report, but that is NOT intended as any type of agreement between parties. Rader Family Farms, LLC, reserves the right to contact additional professional medical services, such as 911, as determined necessary.

Weather: Rader Family Farms constantly monitors local weather. Please be aware that there is not a safety shelter available to all guests at one time. If inclement weather is forecast, guests will be advised to seek shelter elsewhere and the farm reserves the right to close as deemed necessary for safety. There is not a guarantee of refunds for rain. Paying admission to the farm amid questionable weather is at your own risk. For safety reasons, some farm attractions, such as the maze, may be forced to be closed for a period of time if precipitation or standing water are an issue.

Working farm: Rader Family Farms is part of a working grain farm. Although the grain farm operation is separated from the pumpkin farm grounds, it is still on the same property. Please advise children to never approach working farm equipment and be cautious of the possibility of farm equipment near the pumpkin farm entrance and exit. The farm and its private entrance are not accessible to the public.

Handicap access: At Rader Family Farms, we strive to accommodate all of our guests to the best of our ability. While some areas of our farm may have gravel paths and uneven terrain, we do our best to ensure that individuals with disabilities can still enjoy our offerings. We have designated accessible parking spaces and pathways that may accommodate wheel chair accessibility. Please note that while our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for all visitors, some areas of our farm may be challenging for individuals with certain mobility limitations.

Rader Family Farms offers multiple handicap parking spots and accessible restrooms in the Pumpkin Barn and activity area.

Parking: At times, our large parking area may hold water and can be uneven in places. Please park carefully and follow posted signage. Check our Facebook page for up-to-date farm condition announcements.

Lost children: Rader Family Farms is aware of the possibility of children wandering away from their party. Although supervision is the responsibility of guardians and teachers, the farm will respond quickly when a child is separated from their group. Please inform children that if they get lost, they may contact any employee for assistance. If there is a missing child, the exit gates may be temporarily closed until the situation is resolved. Teachers are expected to have an initial and final child count before arrival and departure.

Lost and found items: Although we are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items, found items are taken to Outdoor Checkout. We are unable to search for items over the phone, nor mail them back to you. Found items may still be available for a short time after our season has concluded.

Special attraction age/weight restrictions

All attractions and activities are intended for those in good health at their own and parental discretion, according to their abilities and at their own risk.

Corn maze: Guests 14 and younger must be accompanied by a paying adult (18+ years). The corn maze is not intended for those with recent surgery, heart history, high blood pressure, anxiety, claustrophobia, panic attacks, mobility limitations, dizziness, seizures, severe environmental allergies or any other health issues that could be triggered by long-distance walking and a disorientation to location. There is a phone number on the maze map that a guest may call if assistance is needed while in the corn maze. The maze is monitored, but every guest’s exact location in the maze is not monitored.

Mega Super Slide: Riders must be at least 42 inches tall and must weigh no more than 350 pounds. Guests with back, neck or heart trouble, who have high blood pressure, are pregnant or have recently had surgery are prohibited from riding the slide.

Pedal Karts: For ages 6 and up. Riders must stay on the track, avoid contact with other riders and treat fellow riders and the karts with respect.

Little Village: For 6 years and under. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

Critter Cart and Wild Horse Swings: For ages 10 years and under or 70 pounds and under.

Double Barrel Shoot: Single riders only. Feet first only. Recommended for ages 3 and above.

Jumping Pillow: Jumpers must weigh no more than 250 pounds, and the number of jumpers at one time is limited. It is not recommended for those who have had recent surgery, heart history, high blood pressure, neck or back injuries or problems, leg or ankle injuries or weakness, dizziness, seizures, motion sickness, or any other health issue that could be aggravated by jumping. It is not recommended for pregnant women or young babies. Jumpers are responsible for themselves and the children who accompany them. Parents are responsible for children jumping on the pillow, even if they are not jumping. Running and flips are not permitted, and guests are asked to stay an arm’s length apart.

Apple Blasters: Young children will need adult assistance. Eye protection is required and available; ear protection is available but not required.