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Opening Day

September 7

Pumpkin Delight

Even though Fall rolls around at the same time every year, there's always something that feels special about the sights, smells and tastes of the season!!  What says fall like Pumpkins!!!  

Why not continue your tradition or create one by spending your fall fun and pumpkin picking at Rader Family Farms!

Pumpkin picking at Rader Family Farms has become a long standing tradition for many families and friends.  For our returning guests, we look forward to seeing you again and we're excited to welcome our first time visitors in the excitement of selecting that perfect pumpkin!

Pick-your-own pumpkins is available everyday of the season.  We encourage you to grab a wagon from the wagon corral near the entrance and take a leisurely stroll to the field to select that perfect pumpkin for carving or decorating. We offer free admission to our U-Pick Patch and simply ask for you to present a form of identification at the Corn Maze booth to gain access to the U-Pick Patch and cutting tools.  Most pumpkin purchases are sold per pound. 

Pumpkin Facts & Trivia!

U-Pick-your-own pumpkins is available everyday of the season.  Don't forget your corn stalks, gourds, squash, mini, medium and large hay bales and mums to decorate for the fall season!!

We'll tell you now and we'll probably tell you again while you're here, but we recommend you only cut the stem of the pumpkin you want and then remember do not pick pumpkins up by the stem. Instead, get your hands underneath the pumpkin and pick it up from the bottom.  It will help protect the stem and extend the life of the pumpkin.  We love stems!  Would you like to learn more about the Anatomy of a Pumpkin?  Learn about all the parts of a pumpkin!

Of course we also have hundreds of pumpkins, gourds, and squash already picked and just waiting for you to chose them in the main produce area.  Most produce is sold by weight.  

They come in all shapes, sizes and colors!  There are all sorts of pumpkins and there's definitely one for everyone!  We have great carving pumpkins ranging from 25lbs-60lbs with outstanding stems.  Remember - don't pick up your pumpkins by the stem or handle, as it is commonly referred.  

We have pumpkins that are round and globe shaped ranging from 3lbs-4lbs with a very hard shell.  These are good craft pumpkins that are great for painting.  Pumpkin munchkins and mini's are as cute as they sound!  Children love them and they're perfect for fall decorating with a variety of sizes, shapes and color variations.

Cotton Candy and Moonshine pumpkins are just some of the unique pumpkins you can find on the farm.  They have a striking white color, slight ribbing and smooth skin which is also ideal for painting.  These range from 8lbs-12lbs.  The Polar Bear pumpkin have similar traits but are much larger weighing in at 30lbs-65lbs!!  

Come visit us at Rader Family Farms - you're sure to find the perfect pumpkin in our patch!!

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